At the age of 19, I moved to Mexico to spend time with my Dad. Such an intensely colourful country, rich in history and culture, my initial plan of a six month visit turned into a stay of over 10 years, with Mexico becoming to this day as much my home as London is.

Amongst the beauty, artistry and vibrancy of Mexico, the seedling of inspiration began and with it a desire to work directly with local silversmiths enabling them to preserve their craftsmanship and keeping techniques alive which are passed down from generation to generation .

Upon returning to the U.K but continuing to divide my time between London and Mexico, Adalise came into being as an independent family run store nestled in the heart of historic Richmond upon Thames. Since our opening in 2010, all our jewellery has been lovingly brought to you by a team of highly skilled Mexican artisans.

Adalise is proud NOT to be a mass produced jewellery brand but one that comes from a love of silver, from the passionate people who make it and the country it is made in, Mexico.

Enjoy browsing and start your love affair with silver. I hope you find that it lasts as long as mine has.



P.S: for those that may be curious, our Dad (my brother Gareth also works at Adalise) was not Mexican but Welsh and he developed a love of Mexico to such an extent that he continued living there until the end of his life, Adalise came about as a memorial to that love for both a country and its people.