Silver and Turquoise Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings – Adalise Jewellery
Silver and Turquoise Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings

Silver and Turquoise Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings

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These earrings are an elongated triangular shape of reconstituted turquoise set and beautifully encased in sterling silver. Both svelte and elegant, they will meet the blue sky of spring head on, whilst with their shine and colour they also can't help but brighten up the mood of a drab winter's day. 

In colour psychology, turquoise creates emotional balance and stability and is associated with meanings of spiritual grounding, friendship, love and joy. What more could you ask!

Please note that these earring are made of reconstituted turquoise. This process is achieved by taking bits of tiny turquoise pieces, those too small to be stabilised or utilised for anything else, and grinding them down to a powder. This powder is then mixed with an adhesive agent and other fillers to form a block or predetermined cabochon and bead shapes.


  • Sterling Silver.
  • Length (Including hook): 5.5 cm. Width: 1 cm. Thickness: 0.2 cm.
  • Handmade by one of our highly skilled craftsmen in limited quantities.
  • All Adalise jewellery comes in a beautiful branded jewellery box at no additional charge.

Product Code: Er1025